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Fenelon’s A History Of Firsts

The world is full of notable firsts. History tends to remember events that influence the scale of time: reaching the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, the first man on the moon in 1969…But in 1966, a number of historical firsts happened right here in Ireland which in turn had a massive impact on the shopping landscape and habits of the nation.

Did you know?

In 1966, fresh from his success at the Eurovision Song Contest with his number one hit “Come back and stay” , Dickie Rock opened the Stillorgan Shopping Centre. It was part of a very unique project at that time, as the Stillorgan Shopping Centre was the very first shopping centre to be purpose built in Ireland. Before then, shopping was only done down the village or on the main street of the local town.

Progress had its victims though and in order to build the shopping centre a lovely row of cottages built during the early 19th century was knocked down. The line of cottages extended from the Christian GAABrothers’ school, Oatlands College, to the end of the Dublin Road and up the Lower Kilmacud Road. The rubble was used to fill in and level the lands that are now Páirc dé Burca, the playing field of Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club , so some good came out of it. Much like shopping centres nowadays, the shopping centre had anchor stores in the form of supermarkets. Back then, there were three: Quinnsworth, Powers Supermarket and Lipton Supermarket. Can anyone remember these?

Quinnsworth and Powers became part of Associated British Foods and were eventually taken over by Tesco. Liptons was part of the famous tea company with the supermarkets sold off in the 1970s to Safeways and now owned by Morrisons. Certainly a lot of change!

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Another famous first linked to the shopping centre was the introduction of Ireland’s first ATM. Launched by Bank of Ireland in 1980, there are now over 3,000 ATMs around Ireland. This is down slightly from a high of 3,500, in line with the increased convenience and use of debit cards.

And there’s one more first: back in 1966, your local butcher was just that, a shop on the main street in a community. Fenelon’s became the first traditional butcher in a new format of shopping – the shopping centre.

This was the beginning of a history of innovative and creative evolution of Fenelon’s which has kept it at the top of the butcher trade. With foresight, we predicted that the shopping centre would become as much part of the community as the local main street and that customers would still love to find their ‘local’ shops with their quality and value, albeit grouped together in a new centre.

Over the years, Fenelon’s has continued to evolve and we take pride in providing for the current, and future needs of our customers. We took over the fishmongers next door to increase the product range on offer. As well as being able to offer the best possible fresh meats available, Fenelon’s could now offer a wide range of fresh fish and game. Although our shop was already spacious and superbly customer focused, in 1996 we reinvented ourselves again, moving to our current location in the shopping centre which afforded us the opportunity to redefine how we presented our products to our customers shop-counter


And we keep doing it! With a whole new look and a continued and determined focus on quality, Fenelon’s won the Craft Butchers’ Star Shop of the Year in 2010 for Best Shopping Centre Butchers and one of the overall top 3 butchers in Ireland. Every year since 2007 we have been awarded with the Bridgestone Best in Ireland Award. It is your guarantee that the people involved are providing the best service possible.

Of course, as part of progress, we are now online with this website and a great Facebook page. We may not be the first here, but in line with our assured, knowledgeable and polite service, it’s one of the best.