Storing Meat

Handling & Storing Your Meat

Get fresh foods home and into the refrigerator as quickly as possible.
Keep cooked and raw foods separate.

Raw meat and poultry should be covered and stored lower in the refrigerator than cooked foods.

Check your refrigerator temperature; use a refrigerator thermometer to check that a refrigerator is operating at the correct temperature. It should be between 0c and 4c. Freezers should be kept at -18c

Always wash hands thoroughly before and after preparing all foods and in between handling raw and cooked foods. Keep your kitchen clean. Always keep kitchen equipment, work surfaces, all cloths and rubbish bins scrupulously clean. Keep flies and pets out of the kitchen. Surfaces and utensils must be cleaned thoroughly between being used for cooked and uncooked foods.

Thawing and Reheating Raw & Cooked Meat

Always thaw frozen meat thoroughly before cooking. Once thawed, the meat must not be re-frozen unless it has been cooked first. Re-heat food thoroughly. Only re-heat previously cooled meat dishes once. Make sure they are thoroughly re-heated until piping or boiling hot (82c)