Health & Fitness

Proteins are used every single day to keep the body going. Because they are used to develop, grow and maintain just about every part of our body – from our skin and hair to our digestive enzymes and immune system antibodies – they are constantly being broken down and must be replaced. 

-Dr. Axe


Protein- it’s such a popular topic these days. Everything, from cereals, to breads, to sauces, to yoghurts, everything seems to have added protein- but why? Where has all the hype come from? And why do we seem to forget about the natural sources of protein themselves?


In the past few years, the health and fitness industry has blown up. Everyone seems to be a personal trainer these days, and everyone is becoming more and more fixated on building more muscle- which, by the way, is one of the hardest components to grow independently, especially for women. Long story short, when you use a muscle during a workout, especially during a weight-training session, your muscle becomes subject to hundreds of tiny, micro-rips, and in order to help repair these rips and fill them back in (i.e make your muscle recover and grow), your body needs protein.


On average, everyone needs between 0.4 and 2 grams of protein per 1lb of bodyweight per day, depending on your activity level, the type of training that you do, how intense your training is, and any food intolerances you may have. So, looking at a 135lb woman, who trains moderately 4 or 5 times a week- this woman could potentially need 135g of pure protein a day. So, should she be getting it from these seemingly protein packed cereal bars, or from elsewhere?


MEAT. FISH and EGGS are nature’s sources of pure protein. In comparison to a 55g bar with 19g of protein, the average chicken fillet contains between 30 and 35g of protein, and an 250g fillet steak can often average at 50-60g of pure protein!


Shopping at a craft butcher like Fenelons’ ensures that you are getting the best quality, fresh, Irish, grade A meat for a good price. All of our beef is grass fed, all of our chicken is grade A, we sell free-range pork, all of our eggs are free range. Our mince is made of pure meat every 30 minutes, and contains no additives or fillers. Our fish is delivered every morning and is low in fat and high in protein. Our burgers are made fresh, often pressed by hand, using lean mince and natural flavorings- no fillers or anything nasty!


When it comes to protein, a substance which does so much for your body, why take any risks? Supermarket meats are often pre-packed days in advance and filled with antibiotics and fillers- how are they going to benefit your muscles, bones and digestive system? Come and have a chat with us and we can advise you on what’s best for you.


Be an informed consumer- shop savvy, shop smart, shop Fenelons’.